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At-Your-Service Home Watch Property Care specializes in caring for homes in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ while their owners are away. If you’re planning your dream vacation and want to leave your home in good hands while you’re away, trust our capable house sitting team.

We’ve worked in the house sitting business longer than anyone else in the area, and we thoroughly vet all of our associates. Our care for your home is always customized to your needs and requirements. Call us today to talk to us about what kind of help you’d like, where, and when.

Custom Home Management Packages

No two customers are the same, so we always take the time to thoroughly discuss our clients’ preferences with them. Let us know which house sitting services in our standard package you’d like us to perform, how many times you’d like us to visit, and how long you’ll be away. As soon as you decide how you want us to help, we’ll offer you a quote. We won’t finalize that quote until you see and approve it.

If you want services that surpass those we offer with our standard house check package, ask us about our additional services. We want each customer to be thoroughly satisfied with our services, so don’t hesitate to ask about tasks that are unique to your home—we’re happy to help.

Home Protection

Many homeowners worry that something could go wrong with their property while they’re away. For instance, they worry a pipe could break unexpectedly or a sudden dust storm could cause property damage.

If you live in Phoenix or Scottsdale, AZ, we offer several services that will protect your home from damage that could happen while you’re gone. You’ll return to find your home in the same condition that you found it—if not better.

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