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Home Watch & Housesitter Services

Our Philosophy

We provide our clients with peace-of-mind in knowing that their home and property are being looked after in their absence by our professional caretakers. We can accommodate homes of all sizes. We customize our services to meet your needs and those of your home and we focus on the security and upkeep of your home. 

We want you to be able step off the plane and into a waiting car. You arrive at your home and the house is cool, the house is clean and the windows are sparkling,there are fresh sheets on the beds, the refrigarator is stocked and the patio furniture has been cleaned and set out. You can enjoy your second home as soon as you arrive

About At Your Service

At Your Service has been in business here locally for more than 24 years. Combined our professional home watch services and caretaking experience exceeds 50 years in caring for private residences. We are a family owned and operated business. We are called housesitters, home watch(ers) and property caretakers. We are never called "petsitters". We specialize in the care of homes but not puppies although we love them! Your housesitter is focused solely on your home.